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Bethwell O. Owuor

Institution : Biology Department, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya

Domaine(s) de recherches / Domain(s) of interest :
My research interests are in ethnobiology and indigenous knowledge. As an ethnobotanist I have wide interests in plant names in retracing/ reconstructing Nilo-Saharan languages.

Publications récentes / Recent publications :
  • Owuor B.O. & H.A. Oketch-Rabah, 2001 : Creating benefits early: experiences in ethnobotanical bioprospecting in Southern Nyanza, Kenya, Proceedings of the First National Congress on medicinal and aromatic plants, Naivasha.
  • Owuor, B.O., B.A. Mulemi & J.O. Kokwaro : Indigenous snake bite remedies of the Luo of Western Kenya, Journal of Ethnobiology.
  • Owuor, B.O., H.A. Oketch-Rabah & J.O. Kokwaro, (in press) : Reinvented therapo-spiritual fellowships: the 'jolang'o', in African Independent Churches, Mental Health Religion and Culture.
  • Salim, A.S., A.J. Simons, C. Orwa, J. Chege & B.O. Owuor : Agroforestree Database (version II), CD-ROM, ICRAF, Nairobi
  • Otieno, S.P., S. Khamati & B.O. Owuor, (submitted) : Folkloric cues and taste bias in ethnic African vegetable foods, Food and Foodways.

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