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Robert McKee (Dr)
SIL Kenya (Eastern Congo Group)
P.O. Box 44456
00100 Nairobi

Institution : SIL Kenya

Domaine(s) de recherches / Domain(s) of interest :
I am a sociocultural anthropologist interested in Mangbetu language and subgroup (East Central Sudanic, DR Congo) linguistics generally. I have worked on Meegye-dialect linguistics off and on since 1980, in relation to an SIL-assisted Bible translation and language development project. Topics of special interest have been aspects of phonology, the development of a practical Mangbetu orthography, and aspects of lower-level grammar. In relation to a sociocultural interest in tale analysis, I am interested in doing more on discourse analysis.

Publications récentes / Recent publications :
  • Concerning Meegye and Mangbetu’s bilabial trills, in one of the forthcoming 8th NS volumes.

    mise à jour / update : 2002-11-26

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