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Constance Kutsch Lojenga (Dr),


Institution : Leiden University and SIL

Publications récentes / Recent publications
  • Kutsch Lojenga, Constance, 1989:Vowel harmony in Alur: On the crossroads of two systems. Proceedings of the Third Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium. Franz Rottland and Lucia Omondi (eds.) Nilo-Saharan vol. 6. Hamburg: Buske. pp. 131-141.
  • Kutsch Lojenga, Constance, 1989:The secret behind vowelless syllables in Lendu. JALL 11:115-126.
  • Kutsch Lojenga, Constance, 1989: Review of: Dictionnaire logo-franšais suivi d'un index franšais-logo, by A. Vallaeys. JALL 11:93-96.
  • Kutsch Lojenga, Constance, 1991:Lendu: A new perspective on implosives and glottalized consonants. Afrika und Übersee 74:77-86.
  • Kutsch Lojenga, Constance, 1994:Ngiti: A Central-Sudanic Language of Zaire. Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. (Doctoral Dissertation.) 517 pp.
  • Kutsch Lojenga, Constance & Christine Waag, 2004: The Sounds and Tones of Fur. Occasional Paper in the study of Sudanese Languages, 9. Leoma G. Gilley (ed.). Nairobi: SIL-Sudan. pp 1-25.

    A paraître / To appear
  • Inalienable Possession in Ngiti. In: Proceedings of the 7th Nilo-Saharan Conference held in Vienna 1998.
  • Coreference in Ngiti. In: Proceedings of the 8th Nilo-Saharan Conference held in Hamburg 2001.
  • 2004: Review of Dictionnaire Bbadha-Swahili-Franšais by F. Mertens. JALL.

    En préparation / In preparation
  • Prenominal Relative Clauses and Word Order in Lendu.
  • Verbal Derivation in Ngiti and Lendu.
  • Tonal Polarity in Fur.
  • Lexical and Postlexical Vowel Harmony in Fur.

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