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Leoma Gilley
University of Khartoum; Institute of African & Asian Studies, Khartoum

Institution : University of Khartoum

Domaine(s) de recherches / Domain(s) of interest :
Nilotic phonology and morphology are my main interests. Orthography development continues to be a focus of my work in Nilotic as well as other areas of Nilo-Saharan. My primary focus is on languages spoken in the Sudan.

Publications récentes / Recent publications :
  • Gilley, L., 1999, Facilitating Orthography Development with Mother-Tongue Speakers, Notes on Linguistics, 2, 4, 185-192.
  • Gilley, L., 2000, Singulars and Plurals in Shilluk, a search for order, Occasional Papers in the study of Sudanese Languages, 8.
  • Gilley, L., 2000, Review of M. Reh's Anywa Grammar, Word, 51, 3, 417-421.
  • Gilley, L. (ed.), 2000, Occasional Papers in the study of Sudanese Languages (Nairobi (Kenya), Summer Institute of Linguistics), Vol. 8.
  • Gilley, L. (forthcoming), The feature of stress in Nilotic, Stress and Tone – The African Experience (R.-J. Anyanwu ed.), Köln, Rüdiger Köppe Verlag (Frankfurter Afrikanistische Blätter 15).
  • Gilley, L. & C. Miller, 2001, Evidence for Ergativity in Shilluk, Journal of African Languages and Linguistics, 22, 33–68.
  • Gilley, L. & Saman Frajalla, (in press), A structure preservation problem in the consonants of Burun verbs, Nilo-Saharan series (Norbert Cyffer ed.).
  • Gilley, L. & C. Miller, (forthcoming), Evidentiality and Mirativity in Shilluk, Proceedings of the 8th International Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium (Doris Payne & Mechthild Reh eds.).

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