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Richard Brown
SIL International
High Wycombe HP14 3XL
United Kingdom

Institution : SIL International

Domaine(s) de recherches / Domain(s) of interest :
Kresh (Gbaya) language in western Central Sudanic, found in southwestern Sudan near CAR.My chief interest lies in the semantic and pragmatic features of the language. Currently I am working on a lexicon and a grammatical description as well as on the monograph mentioned below.

Publications récentes / Recent publications :
  • Brown, Rick, 1986, Noteworthy features of Kresh phonology and orthography, Proceedings of the Third Nilo-Saharan Conference (Franz Rottland and M. Lionel Bender eds.), Hamburg, Helmut Buske Verlag, 53-79.
  • Brown, Rick, 1991, Information focus in Kresh, Proceedings of the Fourth Nilo-Saharan Conference (M. Lionel Bender ed.), Hamburg, Helmut Buske Verlag, 325-345.
  • Brown, Rick, 1994, Kresh, Typological studies in negation (Peter Kahrel & René van den Berg eds.), Typological Studies in Language, 29. Amsterdam, Benjamins, 163-189.
  • Brown, Rick, (in preparation), Aspects of a Functional Grammar of Kresh.

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