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Roger M. Blench (Dr)
8, Guest Road, Cambridge
United Kingdom

Domaine(s) de recherches / Domain(s) of interest :
Comparative Nilo-Saharan
Personal Web Site :

Publications récentes / Recent publications :
  • Blench, Roger M., (in press), Further evidence for Niger-Saharan and the problem of pan-African roots, Proceedings of the 7th Nilo-Saharan Conference in Vienna, 2-6th September, 1998 (Norbert Cyffer ed.), Köln, Rüdiger Köppe, 1-24.
  • Blench, Roger M., (in press) Further evidence for a Niger-Saharan macrophylum, Proceedings of the 8th Nilo-Saharan Conference in Hamburg, 2001 (Mechthild Reh & Doris Payne eds), Köln, Rüdiger Köppe.
  • Blench, Roger M., 2000, The classification of Nilo-Saharan (Besprechungsartikel), Afrika und Übersee, 83, 293-307.

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